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Earth year 3023

The Nexus Exploratory Space Administration or NESA is an organization devoted to Explore, Analyze, Document and Preserve.

What do each of these words mean? These 4 words is what our operations strive for.


Explore which is to find the edge of the Omnivers, as far as we’re aware of we haven’t found it yet.

But when we Explore we in turn discovered more about our place in the Omniveres, so we Document our findings in the Files Archives.


Every now and then we come across Anomalies, these Anomalies can very widely so we have 7 Divisions for each type of Anomaly in order to learn of how they work, their usefulness or how dangerous it is.

Sometimes Level 9 personnel are needed to run test in order to learn more about the Anomalies without needing to put other personnel in danger.


Level 4 personnel who are in charge of a team to Analyze a certain Anomaly will then Document it into the Anomalous Archives, this is so that we can keep information on our research and a historical record of our Omnivers.


The other part of our operations are Galactic Space Forces or GSF’s, these guys are the ones that help in containment of Anomalies and Preserving life, with over a hundred different types of GSF’s they are prepared for everything.

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